WARNING: The Smoke Zombies are back in 2018

Plan on helping us October 6th. You’re our only hope.

Being a zombie is cool. Being a tobacco-zombie isn’t. Join the KnowSmoke Zombie Walk and declare yourself part of the Smoke + Vape Free Generation. Get zombie-fied, and learn to do the zombie walk, and then take to the trails at Heritage Landing. After the zombies have terrorized the town, we will celebrate with tobacco reduction festivities. There will be light treats, signature zombie dances, a tobacco-zombie costume contest and music provided by DJ Vandal Productions. Prizes will be up for grabs for the best costume that displays the health hazards of tobacco use.

Register early to make sure you can feed your inner zombie!

BE ADVISED: How to Prepare

Even a zombie needs to be ready. You want to survive?
Here’s what you need to know.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

12:00pm Check-in
1:15pm Walk Starts
2:00-3:30pm Activities

This year's walk will be at Heritage Landing
1050 7th St., Muskegon, MI 49440

Follow us on Facebook and tell us where you want to walk in Muskegon County next year!

You’re the newest zombie. Now you have to look and act the part. Dress in your favorite zombie rags, get professional zombie make-up, learn to walk like the undead, and then take over the town with your fellow zombies!

After your zombie mob ends, we'll celebrate being part of the next Smoke + Vape Free Generation!

ALERT: Survival Tips

Avoid the smoke zombies at all costs.

Just say no.

It’s surprisingly easy to get rid of tobacco zombies. Reports have shown saying “no” firmly causes them to back down. Giving you time to escape.

Question everything.

If a tobacco zombie tries to get you to smoke. Ask a million questions until they get bored and walk away. Why do you smoke? You don’t mind smelling bad? Why are you coughing?

Be confident.

You’ve made it this far without becoming a tobacco zombie. You’re pretty good at it. Trust yourself, you know what’s right and wrong. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Have a strong team.

Surround yourself with other survivors who want to steer clear of tobacco zombies. It only takes one zombie to turn a whole group.

BEWARE: Hot Zone Identified Downtown

Here's where it all began.

Join the Horde.

Be a part of the KnowSmoke Smoke + Vape
Free Generation. Sign up as a Human (Volunteer) or
a Walker for the Fall 2018 event.


Have a question? Want to report a zombie sighting? 

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